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African Art In Transit Book

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Title African Art In Transit
Author Christopher R. Steiner
Copyright Date 1994
Height (in) 9
Width (in) 6
Depth (in) 0.5
Number of Pages 220
Overall Condition Very lightly used. Overall good condition.
ISBN 978-0521457521
Format Paperback
Language English

African Art in Transit is an absorbing account of the commodification and circulation of African objects in the international art market today. Based on extensive field research among art trades in Cote d'Ivoire, Christopher Steiner analyzes the role of the African middleman in linking those who produce and supply works of art in Africa with those who buy and collect so-called "primitive" art in Europe and America.

Moving easily from ethnographic vignette to social theory, Steiner provides a lucid interpretation which reveals not only a complex economic network with its own internal logic and rules, but also an elaborate process of transcultural valuation and exchange. By focusing directly on the intermediaries in the African art trade, he unveils a critical new perspective on how symbolic codes and economic values are produced and mediated in the context of shifting geographic and cultural domains.

He calls into question conventional definitions of authenticity in African art, demonstrating how the categories "authentic" and "traditional" are continually negotiated and redefined by a plurality of market participants spread out across the globe.