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Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for your terrific cooperation. I greatly appreciate your wonderful effort and will continue to be a loyal customer. I have nothing but good things to say about Africa Direct for all the times I have done business with you. You are a great bunch of people and you prove that the old fashioned business principles are still alive and well. Thanks again. It's been a real pleasure

- Lee from New York

Without your website my aesthetic life would be limited . . . and my neck bare.

- JN

Their staff is polite and fair and honest. Their communication is fast and courteous. Their prices are fair and competitive. I have seen what their competition offers and I would not buy from anyone but Africa Direct for myself or on behalf of others.

- Dennis from the Midwest, USA

Africa Direct is great! A huge selection of merchandise in a wide range of prices. Items are well-documented and the age and condition of items clearly stated. Information is very good. Service and communication are excellent.


I've used Africa Direct several times now both on eBay and directly, over the last 3 years or so. I am in the UK but the items have always been received on time and really well packed. I visit African countries a lot with work but never have the time to source any items there and so rely on Africa Direct.

- CC

Africa Direct is one of my absolute favorite sellers. I am an art jeweler and love to incorporate trade beads into my work. Africa Direct sells so many beautiful trade beads, as well as many other interesting African artifacts, that I know I will always find just the right components to complete my work. Even better than their incredible inventory though, is their business and personal philosophy. Africa Direct truly cares about their customers, their community and their global interactions. They have very successful, ongoing, charitable efforts through their Ebay sales and have very strong commitments to support their suppliers both here and abroad. In this world, where so often you see businesses only taking care of themselves, I find it very refreshing to work with Africa Direct, where they understand that we are all in this together, and the more we support our fellow man, the better our world will be.

- S Small

What's not to love about in-home shopping for an incredible selection of items from faraway places? What's not to love about choices at a wide range of prices? About one-stop gift shopping for a wide variety of recipients? About artistry and craft, and about compassion for the artists and artisans? What's not to love about the accessible customer service and awesome packing for a variety of fragile items? And what's not to love about learning (so effortlessly) so much about African art?

- NP

I am an enthusiastic supporter of everything I believe Africa Direct represents. As a collector of this material, I have found great pleasure in my transactions with them and found them to be consistently courteous and efficient in response to my inquiries. I look forward to the possibility of future opportunities to do more of the same. I wish them every success in their important work.

- JW

I love Africa Direct! I am a former art teacher with a passion for African art and the people of Africa. I "met" Eliza/Africa Direct through a Google Ad in 2005 and made my first purchase that same day—a gorgeous Ndebele doll. I have since purchased an amazing Kuba cup, an Ethiopian icon, a Baule Peacock mask, the most elegant giraffe from Zimbabwe, four verdite elephants (one can never have too many elephants!), a stunning basket, charming birds, wire lizards for myself and my son, gorgeous fabrics . . . and too many jewelry items to list. I love helping the people of Africa this way and I know they are getting a fair price for the items that I purchase. All of the people at Africa Direct are great! Everything is packed carefully for shipping and service is very fast. In the rare instance when something didn't quite work out, returns were very easy, and not a problem. I also don't know how many books I have purchased based on Africa Direct’s recommendations. I just ordered the John Clarke book on Tibetan jewelry. The educational information is what attracted me to Africa Direct’s site back in 2005. Be sure to join the mailing lists to get a sneak preview of what’s new.

- Judy, Lima, Ohio

We’ve been buying beads, masks, and art from Africa Direct for almost six years. Their prices and selections are the best in the business, and their customer service is unparalleled. Combine these qualities with their unswerving devotion to charitable causes, and you have a business you want to deal with time and again. We can unconditionally recommend Africa Direct.

- Mark and Anna

I have been dealing with Eliza and Sara for many years. They are experts—informed, friendly and totally reliable. Their vast inventory (pictures and descriptions) is an education in itself. Quality is high and prices fair. Eliza and Sara top my list of African art dealers.

- G Shreve, Bloomington, IN

It seems to me that you run your company very well and I am grateful I found you. The photos are excellent, there are no surprises, the shipping is incredibly fast and the invoicing is impressive. I am a jeweler who has always loved jewelry from other cultures and eras and I am now combining that with the high carat fine jewelry that I make.  The response has been wonderful. Thank you and your staff so much.

- JH

Your African offerings are very "powerful" and are very difficult to resist. Thanks so much to all of you for offering them. And I must tell you that your descriptions of usage, cultural and spiritual value to the people who create and use them are invaluable to us who want to learn and understand more. Personally, I can't emphasize this enough! Thanks to all of you for your sensitivity and efforts to bring disparate people together through the items for which you "shop", purchase and offer to us.

- C Hendrix

The Fra Fra flute/whistle arrived this morning, in perfect order. As usual, a wonderful piece, an expert description, perfectly packaged and an ultra fast shipping. Many thanks for another pleasant transaction.

- JP Santos

I wanted to take a moment and write to tell you how much I appreciate the fantastic trade beads I've recently been buying from you. I'm a newcomer to this fascinating aspect of beading, but the more I read and learn about them, the more I realize what "treasures" I've been getting from you. As someone with a limited budget, I am thrilled with the quality, quantity and variety of beads I can get for my money through you. While I dream about buying some of your higher price, rarer strands, I have never been disappointed with the ones I CAN afford from you, and am usually pleasantly surprised at how much nicer they are than what I had expected! Finding you as a source for these incredible old beads has definitely "upgraded" my creative output, and whenever I get asked where I find my beads (which is quite often these days!), I tell people to check out your site. I've bought beads from other sellers, but you just can't be beat for the consistent quality (and quantity!) of beads for the money. That, plus the super fast shipping has made doing business with you such a pleasure!

- M Groenjes

I would like to thank you for working with me on my order. I really appreciate it. The value you have for your customers shows in the service you provide and for this I am looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come. Thanks again.

- J Garcia

Imagine my delight (and surprise) to receive your package less than 24 hours after you mailed it. To say I am happy with my purchases is an understatement. As always, it is a pleasure to buy from you. Many thanks for quality items and excellent service.

- M Skurnik

Every time I visit a computer I get seduced again by your gorgeous beads. I will look forward to this next package. - Jane from Australia Wow! I doubt I know of another company that consistently delivers superior customer service and support. You should write the "Customer Service for Dummies" book—guaranteed to be a best seller.

- M Scott

Received the African wedding bead strand and the loose repoussée amber beads
What a pleasure to do business with professionals—a buyer's DREAM (as always).

- D Rogers

OK..I am so hooked!! You have one of he most extensive collections of old ethnic beads that i have EVER come across! Should I ever win the Lottery..I might just buy one of everything! Even the Asante gold weights are amazing! I have studied African art and culture thru the Detroit Art institute where there is a huge collection of art and jewelry from the African continent....the items that you have to offer at times equal or surpass the museum collection!!

- Karen

Thank you so much for your terrific cooperation. I greatly appreciate your wonderful effort and will contine to be a loyal customer. I have nothing but good things to say about AfricaDirect for all the times I have done business with you. You are a great bunch of people.and you prove that the old fashioned business principles are still alive and well. Thanks again.It's been a real pleasure

- Lee

I just wanted to send a note of appreciation regarding both your excellent selection of African art and your consistently fantastic service. I am constantly amazed at the variety and quality of the wide array of African material culture you offer for sale. I am personally partial to masks, and have never been disappointed with the vast selection of fine merchandise you have available to bid on each day (and I do check every day!). Out of curiosity, I recently counted the number of masks I have purchased from you over the past few years, and the number is 42! Additionally, I have purchased a number of wooden figures as well. Every item sent from your store comes professionally wrapped, and always within a couple of days following the purchase. Because each item is researched, and very clear descriptions are provided, I feel confident that every piece I bid on is authentic. Clearly, a good deal of thought goes into the aquisition of each of your selections. You are also honest to note whether or not a mask or figure appears to have been culturally used or is more likely a piece created for the tourist market. This factor alone makes you stand out from the majority of African art dealers. As all of you have probably noticed, quality customer service is becoming increasingly rare. Again, your company stands well above most others. My personal experience indicates that you merit a rating of outstanding, since everytime I have had a question or concern about items I have bid on or auctions I have won, I can always count on Africa Direct to be prompt and friendly in their response. As noted above, Item wrapping, packing, and shipping time are also exceptional. Quite frankly, I am happy to say in the 60 or more transactions I have had with Africa Direct, there has never been a time I was disappointed. This certain works in your favor, since I tell all my friends and many students that if they are interested to acquiring quality, on-line African art, Africa Direct is the place to go to for an all-around enjoyable purchasing experience. Thanks again, and I know I will be buying from you again very soon!

- Robert

As always, I wish to thank you all again for offering such a wide range of exceptional ethnographic items, many of which are of significant educational value, helping to make students better understand the wonder and complexity of human diversity across the globe, particularly from Africa, one of the least well understood parts of the world, but one of the culturally richest and fascinating.

- R.Yohe, PHD, California

Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate your merchandise!!!! I am so in love with your website. Of all the thousands of products available on vintage etsy, yours is the absolute best, I've been collecting African masks and statues for many years. Mine are no where near as valuable as yours. Love the history you give with each product. . I'll continue to look at your beauties. Thanks for the pleasure you have given me.


I am completely satisfied with my purchase and downright impressed with your customer service communications and your lightning fast delivery! My Senufo woman bass sculpture is beautiful, and, thanks to your EXCELLENT photography, she is exactly as shown. I am only sorry she had to come off the website; now others can’t see how awesome she is. But—no worries—she will be prominently placed in my home and all my guests will be amazed.

- Melissa, Kentucky

Thanks as always and looking forward to receiving this beautiful selection of Venetian beads. You guys make the world a better place.

- Naomi, New Mexico