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African Art

Africa is a country rich in cultures and traditions and is home to an estimated total of three thousand tribes, each with their own cultural identities and customs. But one thing that all these tribes have in common is the appreciation for art and symbolism. African cultures value the importance of remembering their ancestors and honoring their gods.

For African communities, African art and trade beads are used as a way of conveying these sentiments, while also serving as a way to express entertainment, political values and ideological views. This is what makes African art and trade beads so special. Each piece of African art is unique and holds a world of history and cultural significance. That is why, today African art has become highly collectible throughout the world.

We at Africa Direct, have an enormous appreciation for African art and trade beads. We appreciate the value of the work and rich traditions behind each piece of art, whether it be a Beaded Fertility Doll made with bovine bone by Western African peoples used to encourage conception, or a Chi Wara Headcrest worn by the Bamana people of Mali during a ritual dance.

Our inventory of African art includes trade beads, african masks, african baskets, african artifacts, and we even have a trade beads, sometimes called aggry and slave beads. Trade beads are ornamental glass beads used between the 16th and 20th century as a token currency to exchange for goods, services and slaves. These African trade beads were also used to purchase African resources by early Europeans. They hold great historical meaning and are now highly cherished and collected around the world. We carry a large variety of unique collectable African trade beads and Venetian trade beads and many more!

Come and discover a world of culture, traditions, and expression with all of our unique African art pieces and trade beads. We love being able to share the beauty and culture of Africa through African art. Take home a piece of Africa with you today.