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Clay and Stone

African stone artists have often said that the process of sculpting a stone equates to revealing the soul of the rock itself. Each stone creation is a testament to the profound connection between the artist and the earth, revealing the raw beauty of natural materials transformed into stunning works of art. From molded-clay sculptures to intricately carved Shona stone masterpieces, our collection embodies the diverse traditions and cultural expressions found across the continent. These pieces often depict symbolic motifs, ancestral figures, and scenes inspired by African life and beliefs. Connect with a piece of Africa with a hand-carved stone sculpture, clay vessels, and hand-carved Shona stone figures today! 

Clay Figure of Woman Carrying Fish Malawi
Clay Figure of Woman Working Malawi
Clay Male Figure Malawi
Save 37%
Zulu Clay Vessel South Africa
Save 33%
Smiling Male Clay Figure Malawi
Clay Portrait Sculpture Guatemala
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