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African Masks: How To Hang and Display

Whether carved from wood, adorned with intricate beadwork, or embellished with bold patterns, African masks serve as tangible embodiments of the continent's diverse cultures and rich histories. Vibrant colors and symbolic motifs breathe life into each piece, inviting you to immerse yourself in the captivating narratives. Once you discover a mask that speaks to you, it's important to display the piece in a way that helps bring it to life.

Particularly effective for flatter masks, the timeless method of hanging them on the wall remains one of the most impactful. While specific wall-mounting hardware is available for masks of all kinds, many can be elegantly displayed using wire, ribbon, or cord.


For masks with ties, these can be replaced or reinforced with cord, creating an artful presentation reminiscent of hanging paintings. In the absence of ties, a sturdy wire, crossed in the middle to form a loop, can be fashioned into a custom mount. Secure the mask by its eyeholes, and if desired, enhance stability by dipping the looped wire in wax, facilitating easy mounting on a simple nail or wall hook.

For those seeking an art gallery ambiance, consider framing your masks with a foam insert. While framing masks may pose a challenge, seeking assistance from a professional framer ensures a seamless and visually stunning presentation and allows for rearrangement without hassle. Experiment with removing the glass from the frame to amplify the visual impact. Whether framed against a black background or arranged in a colorful mosaic, this approach transforms your collection into a hauntingly beautiful image, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

For masks made with raffia, cotton, and glass beads, consider using recycled materials to fill out the inside of the mask. This example of a Ngaady aMwaash mask uses an old football and wood to help tailor the mask to form. Paper and foam also work well for helping shape masks that might have been bent or flattened over time.
Alternatively, consider using specialized mask hangers or wall mounts, ideal for larger masks designed to cover the head. These plastic or metal hangers, discreetly attached to the wall, effortlessly present your masks in an upright position. The clever design ensures that the hangers remain concealed, allowing the masks to seemingly float just above the wall—a perfect choice for a masquerade mask display, enhancing the mysterious allure of these pieces.
In addition, we carry a wonderful selection of items with custom mounts and bases already attached to the mask or artifact. These pieces quickly and easily display on shelves, tabletops and floor spaces. 
Whether you have a growing mask collection or a few special pieces, hanging and displaying these items properly will help preserve their quality for years to come. Embrace the cultural charm and mesmerizing history of African masks by exploring our collection.