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From Our Home To Yours: Shipping with Africa Direct

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a 35lb Kota Reliquary figure packed and shipped? Or how an exquisite strand of glass beads can travel across the world? Take a peek into our shipping process...


At Africa Direct we pack every item with great care. From our water-soluble peanuts to our recycled padded envelopes and reused boxes, we do our best to keep our environmental footprint small while delivering unique items from all over the world.
Your package might arrive in an Amazon box or have old cardboard tape rolls to keep wood carvings sturdy. You might order a delicate strand of beads and have it arrive bubbled and sealed with bright green tape for easy visibility. Each and every step we take is thoughtfully and carefully decided while getting your cherished item ready. 
Our team is dedicated to a hassle-free experience. We strive to use less and do more. We treat each item as if it would end up on our own doorstep. Thank you for trusting Africa Direct with your unique artifacts and décor.