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The Magic of Moroccan Jewelry and Beads

Morocco's reputation for skilled artisans and silversmiths is evident in the rich history and symbolism embedded in the jewelry they craft, whether contemporary or antique. The Berber People, residing mainly in the rural areas of the Maghreb region, particularly the northwestern part of Africa, wear a distinctive style of jewelry, predominantly embraced by women. Crafted by Berber silversmiths and artisans, these intricate designs exhibit regional variations. Marriage holds significance in the acquisition of elaborate silver or other jewelry, a practice ensuring the woman's financial security in emergencies or widowhood. Official coins are often incorporated into the jewelry for potential sale, and the portability of such adornments allows for easy migration. The passing down of these cherished pieces through generations becomes a means of maintaining ethnic identity and cultural traditions. Berber jewelry, adorned with coral beads, semi-precious stones, coins, chains, and intricate silver designs, draws inspiration from Berber symbology, and Islamic tradition, and often serves protective purposes against evil forces.

Phenolic Resin Beads


Phenolic resin beads, formed through the reaction of phenol and formaldehyde, are created by shaping liquid resin into small spheres that solidify. These beads, used in necklaces, exhibit diverse sizes, colors, and shapes, including solid hues or intricate patterns. Smooth, faceted, or matte finishes enhance the visual appeal. Valued for their distinctive look and durability, phenolic resin beads offer a lightweight, comfortable feel and resist wear and tear, making them suitable for everyday wear. Their versatility allows for various necklace styles, often incorporating other materials like metal or fabric for different textures. Available in lengths ranging from choker-style to layered designs, phenolic resin beaded necklaces provide a broad spectrum of fashionable options. 

Decorative Beads


We also carry a great selection of decorative Moroccan beads. These can measure up to 70" long with beads as big as 4 inches round! They add a beautiful touch to dining spaces, coffee tables, and more. Each bead is a unique piece of art.