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The History of Weya Story Quilts

Originating from the rural village of Weya in Zimbabwe, these captivating quilts are more than just pieces of fabric sewn together; they share the daily lives and aspirations of the women who craft them. The story of Weya Story Quilts is as rich and textured as the quilts themselves, a testament to the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. 

The history of Weya Story Quilts dates back to the late 20th Century when the German Volunteer Service asked art teacher, Isle Noy to develop an economic assistance project to help Weya women become financially self-sufficient and help their impoverished village. What began as a humble endeavor to generate income for families blossomed into a movement that captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide.  
The Weya women were renowned needle-workers and Noy came up with the idea of teaching them to create items that could be sold to tourists, among which were narrative, pictorial wall hangings and textiles. At its inception, the Weya Textile Project included nine women. Today, hundreds of women make such pieces and their work is shown and sold throughout the world. Isle Noy went on to write a book about the project, titled "The Art of the Weya Women."

At the heart of Weya Story Quilts lies the storytelling tradition deeply ingrained in African culture. Each quilt is a narrative tableau, depicting scenes from everyday life, folklore, and social commentary. From bustling marketplaces to serene village landscapes, from tales of ancestral wisdom to contemporary struggles, these quilt serve as visual chronicles of the collective experiences of the Zimbabwean people. 
What sets Weya Story Quilts apart is not only their visual appeal and use of a variety of textiles, but the collaborative nature of their creation. Unlike traditional quilting, where individual pieces are assembled into a cohesive whole, Weya quilts are often crafted collaboratively. Through their art, these women challenge stereotypes, defy expectations, and asset their presence in the public sphere. These Weya quilts have become a powerful medium for self-expression and empowerment. 

Here at Africa Direct we are happy to include the individual and written stories of each of our Weya Quilts, weaving ourselves with the craftsmanship of the woman that originally created the piece. Purchase your very own piece of history today!